BGMI 2.2 Update For October 2022, Release Date, New Features, Major Changes


BGMI 2.2 Update For October 2022, Release Date, New Features, Major Changes

After PUBG Mobile was outlawed in India, Battlegrounds Mobile India, also known as BGMI, became the ideal alternative and thus rose in popularity. However, BGMI also faced the same issue that PUBG faced. In order to comply with the government’s ban order, Google and Apple pulled the Indian version of PUBG Mobile, BGMI from their country-specific app stores.

Fans of Battlegrounds Mobile India remain optimistic that the game will return. Krafton, the developers of the game too seem to be optimistic about the return of the game. This seems plausible because even after two months since it was pulled from the Play Store and the App Store on July 28, those who had the game already installed are able to play it. This indicates that the government has not taken down the game servers yet.

BGMI 2.2 Update Release Date
BGMI 2.2 Update was released on 15 September 2022. However, players are still unable to update the game as it could be when the game was still available on the App Store and Play Store. Players will have to update the game by downloading the APK file from a trusted site. Alternatively, it can be downloaded through applications like TapTap.

BGMI 2.2 Update New Features

There are several new features that have been brought into the game through the 2.2 update such as:

  1. Loot can now be dropped inside your vehicle and stored there to be used later. This is extremely useful as sometimes, it can be hard to manage the space in the backpack. Additional ammunition can be stored in the vehicle to be used when the situation necessitates. 
  2. Permanent visual changes have also been made. These include the addition of new buildings in many areas of the map like Ferry Pier and a redesign of existing buildings as well.
  3. Fuel cans were the only way to refuel vehicles earlier. Finding these fuel cans and storing them in the backpack could be a tiresome task. Now, players can fill fuel at gas stations. This takes up no space in the backpack and is easily available and thus, very useful.
  4. The lobby area has also received a redesign. One additional feature in the lobby is the ‘Recent interactions’ option wherein a player can now view who has viewed their profile.

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